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Post 100 in this Finneran Fitness Journal.

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100+ Pounds to Lose

100+ Things to Be Grateful For, Part 1

1.  Have my exercise done already

2. Drinking my Shakeology.

3.  A great support team in my business.

4. My loving and supportive husband.

5.  My mom’s amazing health at almost 86 years old.

6.  Reading out loud with my husband.

7.  Stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing Outlook to make me more efficient.

8.  Dear Bob and Sue

9.  Our Starbucks coffee dates.

10. My mom’s great friends.

11.  My wonderful brother.

12.  A best friend who loves me no matter what.

13.  My great eyesight and giving up glasses at age 50.

14.  My evolving vision board.

15.  My bird calender.

16. Loving my little house.

17.  Big computer monitors

18. I can see the floor of my office.

19. My great garden.

20.  Having been able to attend a Leonard Cohen concert

21.  Choices

22. Kevin got approved for 8 hours of overtime this week.

23. I have let go of Incredimail.

24. Gel pens : )

25.  We were not out of Almond Milk.

Was going to keep going and decided to do in 4 parts over 4 days.  Started to make a list for tomorrow and then decided to let the gratitude come tomorrow.  Thanks to my wonderful client who reminded me yesterday how important gratitude is.  Keep it up.

Email me at with 5 things you’re grateful for today and I will send you a small gift.

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