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Big Dreams, In or Out?









W6D3 of C25K today and 1st time I ever did 2 days in a row.  Normally, the program is every other day.  However, Wednesday morning when I got up my knee gave in for just a moment, my toe had been ripped open again the night before AND I could not find my headphones.  I spent time wondering if I was looking for excuses or listening to my body.  I was dressed and ready to go and the missing headphones (still missing) seemed to be the final deciding point.  So I did not run that day and made it up yesterday with headphones borrowed from Kevin.  To keep on my Monday – Friday, schedule I did the last day of W6 today which was 20 minutes running in the middle with no break.  Got it done and feel good about myself.   Have been wondering how to tell is something is an excuse or an actual reason to do or not do something.

After the Franklin Covey Time Management Training, my time management went out the window.  Spent almost a week and half organizing my office, clearing clutter and creating new, more efficient systems to run my business and my life.  Well after 2 weeks, my desk is really clean, I have converted a lot of systems with others still in progress and am totally behind in stuff I need to do and feeling a bit stressed about it.  Maybe it’s why I was so committed to finishing Week 6 this morning and coming home and getting back onto my journaling schedule.  This time really helps me get focuses on what’s important and to get centered.

Drinking a great big glass of carrot juice with ice and thinking about an audio I was listening to yesterday.  Just listening without even doing the exercise was quite an eyeopening experience for me.  I am going to do the exercise for myself here and invite you to do for your self.

Step #1:  List 5-8 of your biggest dreams or goals in life.

1.  To live an exciting healthy life with freedom.

2. To travel all over the country in our own RV meeting my customers and clients in person.

3. To visit every national park in the country and hike in them.

4. To do the Honolulu and San Diego Rock and Roll Marathons.

5.  To be financially free.

6.  To be wildly successful as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Step #2:  List under each goal as many steps as you can think of which need to be completed to reach these goals.   Do each one on a separate piece of paper.

As I was thinking about this I realized the 1st step under every single one is to lose weight and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.   I remember being at an Optifast meeting years ago and being asked to share something about us and our life which had nothing to do with our weight.  When it was my turn, I shared, there is nothing in my life which in some way is not connected to my weight.  And I saw this happening again yesterday listening to this exercise.  All of the above dreams and goals I have for my life are intertwined and all are based on being at a healthy weight.  Every one of them.  So what is up with me and my inconsistency in creating health in my life?

I need to decide if I am in or out in creating the life I want.  Are you? Do you know what your big dreams are?  Do you have them written down?  Do you know what the 1st steps in achieving each of them would be?   Feels to me when I break it down this way, what I need to do every day is pretty simple and clear cut; make healthy choices.

One of the leadership groups I participate in has a daily task and today’s was about trust.   Here is today’s task:

Day 12- Watch today’s video and think about how you inspire trust among the people in your life. As a Beachbody Coach and leader, what are some of the ways that you can add to your trust vault?

And here is my answer which was pretty embarrassing to write down in this group:

By demonstrating being more of a product of the product when it comes to a healthy weight.

Spending some time today really focusing on what I want and badly do I want it.  How important is it to me?  Are my goals important enough to me to do what ever it takes to make them happen or am I just giving them lip service.

Encouraging you to write down your top goals, at least 3 and list the next steps to take on each.  Watch what happens.

Teaching Healthy Living,


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