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I’m Declaring War Today.














Normally when I’m out doing my C25K program is where I mentally start writing my journal post. Also, normally, I skip Saturday and Sunday for working out and don’t want to run out (literally) on Kevin first thing in the morning. Today, however, since my freeze frame incident I decided to ask him to go with me and he said yes. How fun is that? And if my 1Thing really is my 1 Thing, who has time

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Happy New Year, Walking and Chewing Gum, Keeping it Simple










July 1st and lots of new beginnings and started worrying about my whole plan to keep it simple and focus on my 1 Thing. Was I taking on 2 much? Was I taking my eye off the ball? Was I letting myself down? It came clear to me when I was wogging through my Couch to 5K this morning. My plan was the main thing, my 1 Thing is attaining and maintaining my ideal weight. The first 3 things I

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Day 1 – 92 Day Couples Challenge for Weight Loss

Game on! When I got home from Chicago last night, Kevin had the whole patio set up as his personal P90X Gym. This is the post on his Facebook Page from last week:

“Starting this Monday, Judi and I are taking on each other in a 1 on 1 couples challenge. We will be weighing in and tracking our weight weekly. Each week whoever has the highest percentage weight loss will win the weekly prize. It’s game on! I will be doing P90X… and she doesn’t have a chance of beating me. If you and another person want to go

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