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Discombobulated, Testing My Committment









With a hair appointment later this morning I knew I had to get out for my W5D3 of Couch to 5K before I left and walked into my office to find my iPhone battery completely dead. OK change of plans. I use the program on my phone for my run. Change of plans, when leaving my hair appointment, since I will be at the beach, will do my run right after my appointment. Drat, will making freshly blow dried straight hair get

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I’m Declaring War Today.














Normally when I’m out doing my C25K program is where I mentally start writing my journal post. Also, normally, I skip Saturday and Sunday for working out and don’t want to run out (literally) on Kevin first thing in the morning. Today, however, since my freeze frame incident I decided to ask him to go with me and he said yes. How fun is that? And if my 1Thing really is my 1 Thing, who has time

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Happy New Year, Releasing the Perfection Expectation, Shrink Yourself and Unprocessed Challenge









As each day passes it becomes more clear how important focus on our 1 THING is and yet we need to allow our selves to be human also. Today is a good example. The 1st 3 things (carved in stone) each day are:

1. Workout

2. Make my Shakeology

3. Do my journal post.

I have been doing great for a couple of weeks. And then I group my tasks in groups of 5 and finish all before listing next

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Snails, Big Box Stores, Motorhomes, ADD & My Ideal Health











I am a suburban jogger, which means I am running on normal neighborhood sidewalks. I can pass a golf course, a Circle K market , an apartment complex and a chiropractor office on the same morning. And today there were lots of folks out there and had to step into the passing lane several times and everyone nods and says good morning and smiles at each other. This morning I noticed there were also a lot of snails and

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