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Couch 2 5 K: Self Care or Making Excuses?










OK, checking in on my C25K program and what’s up. Sunday, somehow I tweaked my knee and “feels loose” if that makes any sense. So yesterday was the 1st Monday in 7 weeks I was not kicking off a new week of C25K. I debated for a bit whether I should go out and try yesterday morning anyway or give it a day to feel sturdier. Having quit so many things in the past, I wanted to make sure

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Big Dreams, In or Out?









W6D3 of C25K today and 1st time I ever did 2 days in a row. Normally, the program is every other day. However, Wednesday morning when I got up my knee gave in for just a moment, my toe had been ripped open again the night before AND I could not find my headphones. I spent time wondering if I was looking for excuses or listening to my body. I was dressed and ready to go and the missing headphones

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Lessons in Food Journaling, The Runners Guide to Life and C25K













I had forgotten how quickly C25K ramps up the running in the 6th week. W6D1 in the books and ran 18 out of the 20 minutes and was totally excited. Part of the inspiration I’m sure, was finishing reading last night The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life by Amby Burfoot, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon. Being only in W6 was a bit embarrassed to have picked up this book, like I was calling myself a

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Flexible to Frustrated to Fuming to Fixated With Fingers Crossed













Flexible: Yesterday morning when I was ready to head out on my run, discovered the battery on my phone was dead. The C25K Program I use is an app (imagine that) which tells me when to walk, run, stretch etc. Now I suppose I could have written the intervals down on my hand and used my watch, however that has not always been a very safe choice for me. Being a bit uncoordinated, I’ve found it works best

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Discombobulated, Testing My Committment









With a hair appointment later this morning I knew I had to get out for my W5D3 of Couch to 5K before I left and walked into my office to find my iPhone battery completely dead. OK change of plans. I use the program on my phone for my run. Change of plans, when leaving my hair appointment, since I will be at the beach, will do my run right after my appointment. Drat, will making freshly blow dried straight hair get

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100, 100, 100, 100…







Post 100 in this Finneran Fitness Journal.

Healthy Tip 100 in A Year of Healthy Living Facebook Group

100+ Pounds to Lose

100+ Things to Be Grateful For, Part 1

1. Have my exercise done already

2. Drinking my Shakeology.

3. A great support team in my business.

4. My loving and supportive husband.

5. My mom’s amazing health at almost 86 years old.

6. Reading out loud with my husband.

7. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing Outlook to make me

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Getting Things Done, C25K









Day 2 of office organizing done and showing some real progress. I can walk in the door of my office without fear of tripping over boxes. I can see 95% of all the floor space and desk is 50% cleared off. Getting behind on everything else but project organize is going well. Committed last night to giving up Incredimail and going with Outlook : ( Not nearly as much fun, yet ever so much more efficient. Intending to finish all

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Choosing Gratitude over Resentment













This morning I slept an hour later than I meant to. When I realized what time it was, the 1st thing which came into my mind was I will skip my walk. It will be OK since it’s not a C25K Day and ONLY a walk day. Each day I add a minute until I get to 60 minutes walking and thought about how long I’ve been at 27 minutes. Have been skipping walk days a bit too

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Franklin Covey -The 5 Choices, Getting Things Done, The 1 Thing, Couch to 5K and Getting Organized












Spent most of the weekend in my Team Beachbody Franklin Covey training on The 5 Choices and it reminded me of why continual personal development is so critical to our success. When I discovered The 1 Thing concept, I made a number of changes in my life which have almost become habit. Studying the 5 Choices reminded me how reaching success involves more than just doing the 3 most important things first each day. There needs

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Overcoming Doubt










This morning was the first day of Week 4 in my C25K Program. Definitely more running than walking now. And this morning for the 1st time I felt a tiny bit of hesitation in me. For a second even thought about putting it off for later today and then caught myself and got my running shoes on and headed out. The statement you never regret a work out you do, only those you don’t, is ringing in my ears right now.

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