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A Measure of My Committment, Ideal Health and Definition of Determination









Interested versus committed. An interesting thought. When you’re interested in doing something, you’ll do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed however, this means you will do it no matter what. Finding myself bouncing a bit between committed and extremely interested. For example, I say I committed to my ideal health, yet I have this little issue with 1 of my eyes I have pretty much been ignoring for a couple of months. Not a big deal, but a person committed to

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Creating Habits, Healthy Habits…













Habits can be very tricky. They can vanish more quickly than you create them. On my schedule my 1st 3 things are:

1. Workout

2. Shakeology

3. Journal

Well it’s 11:55 am and just made my Shakeology, just starting to write and did not get my walk in this morning. This morning I got a call at 6:30 am which totally threw me off track and took some time to resolve. By the time I was done,

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Happy New Year, Walking and Chewing Gum, Keeping it Simple










July 1st and lots of new beginnings and started worrying about my whole plan to keep it simple and focus on my 1 Thing. Was I taking on 2 much? Was I taking my eye off the ball? Was I letting myself down? It came clear to me when I was wogging through my Couch to 5K this morning. My plan was the main thing, my 1 Thing is attaining and maintaining my ideal weight. The first 3 things I

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Destiny, Leonard Cohen and Finding the 1 Person

No one ever believes me even though it is true. I am very shy, don’t enjoy social gatherings, not into chit chat and love being alone with a great book. My mom who is a legend in her circle for the partied she throws feels I am socially maladjusted. Seriously, she does and who knows maybe she is right. Because of how I feel, I often commit to going places and doing things and as the event gets closer, I start finding tons of reasons not to go. Some of these “bails” I would give anything to take back and

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Happy New Year, Releasing the Perfection Expectation, Shrink Yourself and Unprocessed Challenge









As each day passes it becomes more clear how important focus on our 1 THING is and yet we need to allow our selves to be human also. Today is a good example. The 1st 3 things (carved in stone) each day are:

1. Workout

2. Make my Shakeology

3. Do my journal post.

I have been doing great for a couple of weeks. And then I group my tasks in groups of 5 and finish all before listing next

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Happy Birthday Rachael, Focus T25 and Cauliflower for Breakfast = I’m Committed to My 1 Thing!!!!








I can already see the look on Kevin’s face when he hears I has a whole head of cauliflower for breakfast Our CSA pickup is today and with being gone for 6 days, there were some things which just needed to used. And I am practicing for the Unprocessed Challenge next week (eek, that is close) with Chef AJ and practicing eating 1 pound of raw veggies daily. I would guess this was a bit over a pound

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Kicking Off Focus T25 and Unprocessed Challenge, Back From Las Vegas and The Rule of Five







Only took 10 minutes to get me to come out of my bedroom this morning. And only took 25 minutes (long, hot, sweaty minutes) to get Day 1 Alpha0-Cardio done. Since it’s Tuesday, my OCD-ness was struggling almost as much as my body. Day 1 is supposed to start on Monday and beginning today messed up my whole calendar. Considering doing the 2nd workout later today to catch up. At least, I didn’t say I had to wait until next Monday. Again part of

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