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A Measure of My Committment, Ideal Health and Definition of Determination









Interested versus committed. An interesting thought. When you’re interested in doing something, you’ll do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed however, this means you will do it no matter what. Finding myself bouncing a bit between committed and extremely interested. For example, I say I committed to my ideal health, yet I have this little issue with 1 of my eyes I have pretty much been ignoring for a couple of months. Not a big deal, but a person committed to

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Day 40 in A Year of Healthy Living “The Great Jackfruit Adventure” & Lessons Learned

How exciting, Day 40 in A Year of Healthy Living and dubbing today as “The Great Jackfruit Adventure.” Native Foods (100% vegan) recently introduced 2 new menu items using Jackfruit. The only time I had ever seen or heard of Jackfruit was at Evolution. Evolution is a vegan “fast food” restaurant in San Diego by Balboa Park where we have eaten several times. One of the items on their menu is Jackfruit Tacos which I never was quite brave enough to try. When Native Foods started serving items made with them, I was still a little leery until I tried

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Losing 100+ Pounds: Thinner This Year

Day 4 of my Eat to Live, 6 Week Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss and drinking a great Shakeology right now almond milk, bananas and fresh strawberries.

Several years ago I read the book, Younger Next Year for Women and loved it. The basic point I took from the book was “you have to age, you don’t have to rot”. The book talked about how important exercise is in keeping our bodies healthy. One of the authors has a new book called Thinner This Year and I started

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Losing 100+ Pounds: What Motivates You

Excited to begin Day 2 of my 6 Week Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss on the Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program.

Yesterday was a really good day went to bed very proud of myself. Every day is a new day and we need to continually find what motivates us. Motivation changes and focusing on what is most important to us each day is a great way to follow your plan and fulfill you intentions. We are self motivating creatures. I can get excited and

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Losing 100+ Pounds: Letting Go of Emotional Weight

Sometimes the hardest weight to let of permanently are regrets which weigh heavily on my our hearts. Learning to accept what is and being grateful goes a long way to lighten our load both mentally and physically.

When I saw Dr. Roger Gould, the author of Shrink Yourself, speak there was 1 point which really struck home with me. He talked about accepting things the way they are and if there is something we can’t change, learn to deal with the reality of the situation in ways other than eating; giving up regret over things we can not change. Being

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Dr Fuhrman, Eat to Live 6 Week Program, Day 9, Attitude…

My belief is no matter what our goals our, the determining factor between success and failure is attitude. In The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale talks about how we ‘become what we think about’. I have long been a fan of Earl and recently purchased a CD Compilation of his work titled, The Essence of Success. The first call I answered this morning was from the Nightingale Conant Company where I purchased my audio program. Assuming they were calling to sell me another product, I was very surprised when I heard why they were really calling. Apparently, when I ordered the

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Native Foods: Dr Fuhrman’s 6 Week Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss – Day 27 Judi’s Healthy Big Adventure

Day #5 and started off this morning with a free cooking demo at Native Foods Cafe, the new vegan restaurant in town. Native Foods in Palm Desert was the very 1st vegan restaurant I ever dined about 19 years ago and finally now have one in my neighborhood. The title was Tuscan Evening and the demo included:

Antipasto ~ Marinated Olives

Primo ~ Truffled Asparagus Risotto

Secondo ~ Pasta Puttanesca

Il Dolce ~ Tiramisu

All were 100% vegan and delicious. They had a little tiny serving of each and I did taste the 1 bite of everything and loved it.

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