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9 Days and Counting, Mini-Meltdown









Today marked 9 days in a row working out which I’m pretty sure is a lifetime record for me. No matter how consistent I have been, the weekends have been left out for some reason. The 1st Team Beachbody Program I ever completed long ago was Kathy Smith, Project You, Type 2 and was 90 days long. Kevin and I both did the whole program from beginning to end and even that was only 6 days a week. I have completely embraced

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Is Fishing an Olympic Event?

I don’t think so, but maybe it should be. Personally, the hardest ‘sport’ for me to successfully do is to sit still, be quiet and relax. I remember the episode on Grey’s Anatomy where Derek takes Christina fishing and I so related to Christina. She wanted to talk about what they were doing, move to another spot where there would be more fish etc. Derek insisted they just sit still and not talk and watch their lines. Being at peace with being still.

When Olympic Athletes are training, they have intense schedules, practice their sport almost to the exclusion of

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P90X Certification

Received my official P90X Certification yesterday and was really excited. When the P90X Certification program was first announced, I had no intention of doing the course. I have never completed a round of P90X for the entire 12 weeks. I have started 3 or 4 times and gave up. I have done most of the workouts at least 1 time. There are modifications for those of us who did not start out fit enough or light enough to do the way it is intended. My history is when I can’t do something well, I tend to quit.

As the first

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