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Franklin Covey -The 5 Choices, Getting Things Done, The 1 Thing, Couch to 5K and Getting Organized












Spent most of the weekend in my Team Beachbody Franklin Covey training on The 5 Choices and it reminded me of why continual personal development is so critical to our success. When I discovered The 1 Thing concept, I made a number of changes in my life which have almost become habit. Studying the 5 Choices reminded me how reaching success involves more than just doing the 3 most important things first each day. There needs

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Walking for my Freedom. Shrink Yourself













This morning Kevin and I got up really late and to be honest I had decided it was too late to walk (don’t ask) and figured I had walked 1 day of the weekend already and blah, blah, blah. Thank goodness I had asked Kevin to walk with me today, yesterday. He walked into the office ready to go and well what could I do but go? So glad, he inspired me to get out there and go.

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I Feel Good, Shrink Yourself and the Proper Timing











No rain this morning, darn it and finished W1D3 of C25K. Except for the Tuesday Toe Issue, this was a great workout week and I feel so good mentally about myself. Excuse me, while I spend a minute freeze-framing this sweaty, hot joy. OK, I’m back and sipping on my Tropical Vegan Shakeology which has 6 huge Swiss Chard leaves from my CSA added. Priority #1 Check. Priority #2 Check. Priority #3 in process. Have lots of running around

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100 Pounds Lost!!! Never Quitting on Yourself.








Well almost and that was 2 years ago. I had released a total of 99.5 pounds and just knew any day I would break that 100 pounds gone mark and then I didn’t. My goal was to reach that mark by the time I left for my Leadership Retreat and missed by 1/2 pound. Looking back, a combination of missing that goal, then hanging out for 4 days with amazingly fit people who I let make me feel as if I were wasting

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Snails, Big Box Stores, Motorhomes, ADD & My Ideal Health











I am a suburban jogger, which means I am running on normal neighborhood sidewalks. I can pass a golf course, a Circle K market , an apartment complex and a chiropractor office on the same morning. And today there were lots of folks out there and had to step into the passing lane several times and everyone nods and says good morning and smiles at each other. This morning I noticed there were also a lot of snails and

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Food Addictions, Emotional Eating & 10 Minute Trainer – Abs (ouch)

End of Week 2 on my Dr Fuhrman, 6 Week Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss with a loss of 2 more pounds bring the 2 week total to 5.50 pounds. While of course, I would have been more excited about losing 32 pounds or something like that (just kidding) I knew I had never been hungry the following week and really enjoyed what I was eating. 2 pounds a week does equal 100 pounds in a year and sounds better when you say that way. My new mini-mantra daily is trust the process, trust the process, trust the process.


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Team Beachbody Summit, A Very Weighty Issue & Overcoming Exercise Reluctance

Today is the last day of week 2 of my 6 Week Eat to Live Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss and tomorrow is weigh in day. I am pretty sure this is the longest I have ever gone without any oils in my adult life with the exception of the 10 months I was Optifast and never ate anything. Thinking about tomorrow being weigh in day, it dawned on me next week at the time I will be on the road to Las Vegas for the Team Beachbody Convention and will miss the weigh in day for the end of

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Hitting the Wall

Several weeks ago, I was talking to a very special friend about health and losing weight and asked how his brother was doing. He shared he was doing OK, but had not yet hit the wall. I asked how he meant that and my friend explained, it is that point you reach where there is no where else to go. We talked about the years we had in common of losing weight and gaining weight and it was his belief until you hit that wall, nothing changes permanently.

There have been many times in my adult life, where I thought

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Losing 100+ Pounds: Letting Go of Emotional Weight

Sometimes the hardest weight to let of permanently are regrets which weigh heavily on my our hearts. Learning to accept what is and being grateful goes a long way to lighten our load both mentally and physically.

When I saw Dr. Roger Gould, the author of Shrink Yourself, speak there was 1 point which really struck home with me. He talked about accepting things the way they are and if there is something we can’t change, learn to deal with the reality of the situation in ways other than eating; giving up regret over things we can not change. Being

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Emotional Eating 101

It’s coming up on almost 2 weeks since I heard Dr Roger Gould, author of Shrink Yourself, speak and I’ve spent more time thinking about eating and not eating than normal. Making observations about my habits and my feelings and finding it be very uncomfortable. Discovering why and how it is easier to just eat, than think about all of the emotions, which duh, is why Emotional Eating has always been an issue for me. I am discovering also the truth of the saying when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I guess when we are ready to

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