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Lessons in Food Journaling, The Runners Guide to Life and C25K













I had forgotten how quickly C25K ramps up the running in the 6th week. W6D1 in the books and ran 18 out of the 20 minutes and was totally excited. Part of the inspiration I’m sure, was finishing reading last night The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life by Amby Burfoot, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon. Being only in W6 was a bit embarrassed to have picked up this book, like I was calling myself a

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9 Days and Counting, Mini-Meltdown









Today marked 9 days in a row working out which I’m pretty sure is a lifetime record for me. No matter how consistent I have been, the weekends have been left out for some reason. The 1st Team Beachbody Program I ever completed long ago was Kathy Smith, Project You, Type 2 and was 90 days long. Kevin and I both did the whole program from beginning to end and even that was only 6 days a week. I have completely embraced

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100 Pounds Lost!!! Never Quitting on Yourself.








Well almost and that was 2 years ago. I had released a total of 99.5 pounds and just knew any day I would break that 100 pounds gone mark and then I didn’t. My goal was to reach that mark by the time I left for my Leadership Retreat and missed by 1/2 pound. Looking back, a combination of missing that goal, then hanging out for 4 days with amazingly fit people who I let make me feel as if I were wasting

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Snails, Big Box Stores, Motorhomes, ADD & My Ideal Health











I am a suburban jogger, which means I am running on normal neighborhood sidewalks. I can pass a golf course, a Circle K market , an apartment complex and a chiropractor office on the same morning. And today there were lots of folks out there and had to step into the passing lane several times and everyone nods and says good morning and smiles at each other. This morning I noticed there were also a lot of snails and

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Team Beachbody Summit, A Very Weighty Issue & Overcoming Exercise Reluctance

Today is the last day of week 2 of my 6 Week Eat to Live Plan for Aggressive Weight Loss and tomorrow is weigh in day. I am pretty sure this is the longest I have ever gone without any oils in my adult life with the exception of the 10 months I was Optifast and never ate anything. Thinking about tomorrow being weigh in day, it dawned on me next week at the time I will be on the road to Las Vegas for the Team Beachbody Convention and will miss the weigh in day for the end of

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Weight Loss Success Stories

I have had a lot of weight loss success. I have also had even more weight gain success. For every weight loss success or failure there is a story. I am always curios about people’s stories and that may be why I became a teacher and a weight loss coach. I truly enjoy hearing people’s stories. Nothing is completely black or white and in the gray is where the story lives.

On my run today, I passed for the 2nd time a baby blue, long sleeved dress shirt laying in the gutter. When I first saw it I wondered how

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Is Fishing an Olympic Event?

I don’t think so, but maybe it should be. Personally, the hardest ‘sport’ for me to successfully do is to sit still, be quiet and relax. I remember the episode on Grey’s Anatomy where Derek takes Christina fishing and I so related to Christina. She wanted to talk about what they were doing, move to another spot where there would be more fish etc. Derek insisted they just sit still and not talk and watch their lines. Being at peace with being still.

When Olympic Athletes are training, they have intense schedules, practice their sport almost to the exclusion of

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Independence Day – Day 358

Well, the bathing suit is purchased even though we had to go to 3 different stores. Bought the bottom at one store and had to go to 2 more to find a top. Beach bag has been gone through and repacked full of good books, highlighters, chap stick, sunglasses and will be adding my Nano later today. The marine layer is not supposed to burn off until after noon tomorrow, so better add a sweatshirt to my bag also.

Trying on bathing suit bottoms caused me to really look at the top of legs and was dismayed to see how

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4th of July – Independance Day

Happy 1st day of the 2nd half of the year. Loving my first 6 days of My One Year Total Beachbody Immersion. I am a beach girl and have loved the beach and the ocean my whole life. Some of my coolest memories of childhood are me out in a wave somewhere and loving it. My parents used to rent a place at Belmont Shores when I was around 6 or 7 I think. We were on the beach and my dad would go to work from there in the morning and come back after he got off. During the

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Lynchpin by Seth Godin

Let me begin by saying I have always been a huge fan of Seth Godin, all the way back to The Purple Cow” days. I was actually reading “Tribes” when it was announced he would be the key note speaker at our Team Beachbody Summit this year. Saturday afternoon, when Seth did his 1 hour presentation surpassed by expectations and walked out wanting to read and reread everything he has ever written.

Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Of the 3 Core Vital Behaviors Carl discussed at Summit to achieve Success,

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