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Single Daily Action – Choose Healthy Foods









We can’t do everything and yet each day we can 1 thing. We can each choose 1 thing to do and do it every day. What ever it is, doing it for a day or 2 will not change our lives. It is the consistent daily action done over long periods of time which impact our lives in a proportion much larger than that 1 thing. Darren Hardy describes it as The Compound Effect. Jeff Olsen calls it The Slight

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Lessons in Food Journaling, The Runners Guide to Life and C25K













I had forgotten how quickly C25K ramps up the running in the 6th week. W6D1 in the books and ran 18 out of the 20 minutes and was totally excited. Part of the inspiration I’m sure, was finishing reading last night The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life by Amby Burfoot, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon. Being only in W6 was a bit embarrassed to have picked up this book, like I was calling myself a

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100, 100, 100, 100…







Post 100 in this Finneran Fitness Journal.

Healthy Tip 100 in A Year of Healthy Living Facebook Group

100+ Pounds to Lose

100+ Things to Be Grateful For, Part 1

1. Have my exercise done already

2. Drinking my Shakeology.

3. A great support team in my business.

4. My loving and supportive husband.

5. My mom’s amazing health at almost 86 years old.

6. Reading out loud with my husband.

7. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing Outlook to make me

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Lessons Roulette, Black Licorice, C25K










Have been in a bit of a funk lately and managed to skip my walking day yesterday. Since it was not a Couch to 5K Day I rationalized it was OK. So OK, that I felt crummy all day for letting myself down. I could not wait to get out there this morning and do W3D2 and get back in my rhythm. No matter how slow or inefficient I am doing it, I feel accomplished when I am done. Sitting

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Lessons From My Garden













Strawberry Fields Forever- not. This was the only 1 ripe when I got home from my run and just picked it and ate it. For the 1st time we are also growing cantaloupes and watermelon. I continue to marvel on much I love growing a garden. For an inpatient, instant gratification girl it’s a good lesson in learning patience and watching things evolve in their natural time frame. A lot like life, which I am constantly pushing to

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Freedom From Fat





Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

Growing up 4th of July was always a pool party with my mom cooking for days in advance. Tons of people would come to our house. I would start the morning in the pool, going around and cleaning all the edges of the pool tiles, followed by washing off lounges and getting ready to party.

Today I am starting off a breakfast of 16 ounces of steamed spinach ( Day 4 of Unprocessed Challenge) and feeling very proud

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Focus T25 – Alpha, Speed 1











Drug myself out to the living room a bit more slowly today for Day 1 of T25. Yesterday I had the excitement of it being brand new and today I just had sore. Kevin really impressed me yesterday. After a wild day at work following 4 days off, he came home rested about 5 minutes and went right in and did T25. Watching him starting his workout already exhausted really inspired me. My biggest inspiration however is

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Packing Surprises, Weight Watchers Boss Man, My Great CEO, Carl Daikeler








This morning was my scheduled day to do 10 Minute Trainer, Lower Body. Keeping in integrity with my agreement I knew it was the 1st thing I would do when I walked out of my bedroom. As a delay tactic I spent 30 minutes packing for Summit and gathering clothes for the 100 Items in 100 Days Challenge. Basically any thing I could do to avoid coming out of my bedroom.

Last night I was feeling discouraged knowing today is my last

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The Compound Effect in Action, Creating Free and Getting Rid of the Junk in the Trunk (or where ever)













In case you don’t know, I am the definition of an Instant Gratification Girl. The result though out my life has been lots of pounds lost and found, impulse purchases (large and small) where the money would have been better invested for the future, projects started and never finished and a sense of now of time passing so fast. I am really having a dose of the lesson ‘hind sight has 20/20 vision.’ Every time I

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Working on the Perfection Expectation by the Recovering Perfectionist

Saturday morning, Week 2 Day 3 of my Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live 6 Week Challenge and noticing how things are a bit different this morning. For one thing, Kevin is still home and sound asleep and so is Dylan who worked until 1:30 am this morning. I am the only one up. It is not a C25K day so did not roll out of bed and into running clothes and tiptoeing around instead. Still tweaking and refining my schedule to support the priorities of my One Thing – Ideal Health. And trying to hyper-ventilate by doing a few Saturday

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