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I’m Declaring War Today.














Normally when I’m out doing my C25K program is where I mentally start writing my journal post. Also, normally, I skip Saturday and Sunday for working out and don’t want to run out (literally) on Kevin first thing in the morning. Today, however, since my freeze frame incident I decided to ask him to go with me and he said yes. How fun is that? And if my 1Thing really is my 1 Thing, who has time

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Is Fishing an Olympic Event?

I don’t think so, but maybe it should be. Personally, the hardest ‘sport’ for me to successfully do is to sit still, be quiet and relax. I remember the episode on Grey’s Anatomy where Derek takes Christina fishing and I so related to Christina. She wanted to talk about what they were doing, move to another spot where there would be more fish etc. Derek insisted they just sit still and not talk and watch their lines. Being at peace with being still.

When Olympic Athletes are training, they have intense schedules, practice their sport almost to the exclusion of

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