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Discombobulated, Testing My Committment









With a hair appointment later this morning I knew I had to get out for my W5D3 of Couch to 5K before I left and walked into my office to find my iPhone battery completely dead.  OK change of plans.  I use the program on my phone for my run.  Change of plans, when leaving my hair appointment, since I will be at the beach, will do my run right after my appointment.  Drat, will making freshly blow dried straight hair get curly and sweaty.  OK, Judi, deal with it.  Is good hair a top priority?  No.  OK, move on to your breakfast and your journal post.  Committing here in writing to get C25K done before I get home to hold myself accountable.  Already very discombobulate due to implementing all new office systems, this just kicks up the stress level a notch.  Time to go back and continue feeling grateful so I can get my shoulders and jaw unclenched and relaxed.

I am grateful…

26.  I woke up this morning committed to getting my exercise done.

26.  Plans can be changed and still reach the outcome.

27.  That the Chargers have not defected to Los Angeles yet.

28. It’s Friday and get to hang out with my husband.

29. For my fabulous CPA

30. For not giving up me.

31. For how I feel when I’m done running.

32. How much I love broccoli.

33. My wonderful garden.

34. Being able to read with out problems.

35. Hearing the hummingbirds outside my window.

36. Loving my business and waking up every day excited to begin.

37. Taking deep breathes

38. My great Team Reverse the Trend Coaches.

39. Outings.

40. My new screen door.

41. For believing in my self enough to set new goals.

42.  The flowers my son brings me for my desk.

43. The friends I have met on line.

44.  For being invited to become a Beachbody Coach.

45. Being a teenager when I was.

46. My cool tent with the area rug.  : )

47. Hot tea.

48. Whole Foods

49. My daily calendars.

50.  Having cute feet.

Need to take some more deep breathes as I was feeling a bit stressed thinking about what I am grateful for and that is not the right direction.  And will be getting gas on the way to my hair appointment this morning.  Last time I tried to eek it out and was out of gas in front of the salon and had to wait for AAA to save me. : (

Teaching Healthy Living,





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