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Dr Fuhrman, Eat to Live: 7 Day Plan, Day 1

Today I am on Day 1 of the first 7 Days of 100% Nutritarian Style Eating following the Dr Fuhrman, Eat to Live Program.   Watching the Dr Oz show yesterday, just get me all re-excited about this lifestyle of healthy living, moving and eating.  Weighed in this morning and will not weigh for another week.  Guess that means I need Kevin to hide the scale for me again.   It really is best to weigh no more than once a week or less.  Too often we let our mood and our entire day be determined by the number we see or don’t see on the metal monster (scale) in the morning.  We are more than just what we weigh.  When we are making healthy choices, we are doing the right thing whether or not our choices register on the scale today.

I have to say I know I can’t be in a hurry.  Losing this last 100 pounds will take some time and I am here for the long term.  I want to create as much health as I can in my life.  One of my friends when asked why he ate right and exercised every day said “So the last 20 years of my life don’t suck.”  I like that thought.  I would like to live another 40 years at least and be healthy and happy each day of them.  Making sure that happens takes place in the now.

If you would like to join me and some of friends on this journey, you’re invited to join my Facebook Group:   Dr Fuhrmans Eat To Live – Nutritarian Plant Based Diet.

Day 1 started with 1/2 of am amazingly delicious pineapple which is my #1 favorite fruit in the world.  Lunch will be a humongous salad topped with beans of some sort and oil free dressing.  Dinner will be fresh veggies and left over home made split pea soup!  I don’t know about you, but sounds great to me.  Would love to do this with you.

From the Intro to Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman:Obesity, weight loss, 100 pounds to lose, dr fuhrman, eat to live

“Unlike many diseases, the cure for obesity is known. Studies with 1000′s of participants have demonstrated the combination of a dramatic change in eating habits and daily exercise results in weight loss, including a 60% reduction in the chance of developing chronic ailments, such as diabetes.”

~Dr Oz

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