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Dr Fuhrman, Eat to Live: 7 Day Plan, Day 2

Woke up feeling great this morning for following Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, 7 Day Plan yesterday.   Am happy I committed to doing something and stayed the course.  Had a great dinner of leftover home made split pea soup, steamed spinach and honeydew.  Starting this morning off with honeydew also.  I have been 80% following a nutritarian lifestyle for about a year.  I say 80% as I was clinging to my oils and my salts like a barnacle on the bottom of a ship.  No oil at all yesterday and had my big lunch salad for the first time without adding salt.  I love how we feel when we make a commitment to ourselves and keep it.

Lots of new members on our Facebook Group, Dr Fuhrmans Eat To Live – Nutritarian Plant Based Diet,  yesterday too, all excited about learning how to eat healthy the Eat to Live way and stop yo yo dieting.  From the Dr Oz website, here is a breakdown of the first of 3 steps for the 7 Day Eating Plan:

Step 1: Follow the 90/10 Rule Every Day

For the next 7 days, you’ll eat 90% nutrient-dense foods – veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts, beans and whole grains. For the remaining 10%, you can have healthy oils, meat and dairy.


A typical day on the Crash Diet would look like this:


Light and Lean Breakfast

While eating protein, like eggs, is often touted as the right way to start your day, the same rules don’t apply here. Many people eat too much protein, resulting in an overconsumption of calories and weight gain. Think of only light and lean foods, like fruit, oats and flax. You may be asking yourself, what about the yogurt? None here. If you are concerned about calcium, consider this: Natural unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables have calcium. For example, an orange has 60 mg of calcium.


Belly-Blasting Bean Lunch

Ignite your body’s fat-blasting furnace by eating beans. Beans are a dieter’s best friend. They keep you full, and are high in resistant starch, meaning that half the calories consumed can not be absorbed. They also reduce blood sugar, and create the fatty acid butyrate, which may burn fat faster. Studies show that butyrate improves mitochondrial function in your cells, leading to a decrease in fat. If you’re worried about gas, fret not. The more beans you eat, the more your body will build up the good bacteria you need to digest them. You can enjoy beans in a burger patty, in chili or as a dip.


Click here for a Sunny Bean Burger recipe. 


Click here for a 3-Bean Chili recipe. 


Click here for a Bean Enchilada recipe.


Click here for an Herbed White Bean Hummus recipe.


Lean Green Skinny Supper

Think outside the salad bowl. Make greens and vegetables your main dish in other creative ways – enjoy a veggie pizza, eggplant roll-ups or a veggie stir-fry. You can even add an ounce of chicken to your stir-fry for a little bit of extra flavor.


Click here for an Easy Vegetable Pizza recipe.


Click here for an Eggplant Roll-Ups recipe.


Click here for a Veggie Stir-Fry recipe.


Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating “BOM’s” to really kick your body’s fat-burning mechanisms into high gear. BOM’s are Berries, Onions and Mushrooms. These foods are anti-angiogenic. Why is this important? Because anti-angiogenic foods can starve fat cells by cutting off the blood supply to your fat. How? The growth of new capillary blood vessels is called angiogenesis. Research shows that cancer cells, for example, are known to hijack angiogenesis and keep it permanently switched on to ensure that it has a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply so it can grow. But, by eating foods that can block the process of angiogenesis, you can starve these cancer cells. Dr. Fuhrman maintains you can also block the blood supply to fat cells by eating anti-angiogenic foods. The more of these foods you eat, the more weight you lose.

I weighed this morning which I told myself I would not do and down another .2 pounds.  Need to have Kevin hide the scale for me.  Need to focus on weighing no more than once a week.  Healthy eating first and weight loss will follow.  Have a nutritious day!

Dr Fuhrman



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