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Is Fishing an Olympic Event?

I don’t think so, but maybe it should be.  Personally, the hardest ‘sport’ for me to successfully do is to sit still, be quiet and relax.   I remember the episode on Grey’s Anatomy where Derek takes Christina fishing and I so related to Christina.  She wanted to talk about what they were doing, move to another spot where there would be more fish etc.  Derek insisted they just sit still and not talk and watch their lines.  Being at peace with being still.

When Olympic Athletes are training, they have intense schedules, practice their sport almost to the exclusion of everything else in their lives to achieve a goal no matter what.  10 years, 15 years, 20 years of hard work and dedication for the opportunity to stand on a stage for a few minutes to receive a medal saying they are among the best in the world.  That is dedication.

While on my walk this morning ( Core Behavior #1, Being proof the product works) in front of a house I passed there was a famous Home Depot orange bucket (my entire garden in planted in them.)  In the bucket were 2 fishing poles and a fishing net.  Next to the bucket was a fishing box.  I grinned walking by thinking how nice it was someone was going to go out fishing this morning.  I grinned because that bucket represented to me a symbol of someone doing something they loved and on a weekday/workday.

Do Olympic athletes always love what they are doing?  Probably not and yet they just keep doing it everyday. Since I began my 1 Year Total Beachbody, Lose 100+ Pounds Immersion I have had great days, good days and some not great days.  I give myself a B- on maintaining my Immersion Log and the perfectionist in me has considered starting over several times.  My history for many years was if I was not being perfect to quit for a while and then start over.  If I were in training for a gold medal, quitting for a while would not be an option.  Why do I consider living my ideal life less important than training for a gold medal?

On my walk I was listening to Thou Shalt Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin and enjoying it very much.  He talked about 1 of his daughters who always wanted to be a teacher and instead of doing tea parties with her dolls, set them up classroom style and played teacher.   When I was about 10 years old, I created a school classroom in my parents attic and begged my friends to be my students.  It reminded me of how much I love teaching.  A large part of my job as coach with Beachbody is teaching my customers how to create a more healthy life and my coaches how to build successful businesses.  I love teaching and I love learning.

What did I learn on my walk today?  That living my life and doing the things I really want to do and accomplish need to be as important to me as an athlete training for a medal.  I want to win a gold medal for my life.  I don’t want to look back and think I was not dedicated enough to do what had to be done to win in life.  I learned I needed to remember to keep at the forefront of my mind what is most important to me and invest my limited time (24 hours, like everyone else) doing what it takes to create that no matter what.

What I would like to share (teach) you today is to identify in your life those things which are most important to you and create a plan to make it happen.  Whether it is losing weight, becoming debt free, go on a world cruise or win a gold medal, begin by clearly identifying what it is.  When you have that picture clearly in mind, decide what the very 1st step you need to take and then make it happen!  NO MATTER WHAT….

I want to make sure my bucket is filled to overflowing before I kick it.

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