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Single Daily Action – Choose Healthy Foods









We can’t do everything and yet each day we can 1 thing.  We can each choose 1 thing to do and do it every day.  What ever it is, doing it for a day or 2 will not change our lives.  It is the consistent daily action done over long periods of time which impact our lives in a proportion much larger than that 1 thing.  Darren Hardy describes it as The Compound Effect.  Jeff Olsen calls it The Slight Edge.  An example Jeff use’s is choosing a hamburger or a salad for lunch today.  If you choose a hamburger, you will not wake up gaining 10 pounds the next day.  If you choose the salad, the next morning you’ll not have lost 10 pounds.  However, making that choice every single day for a year could easily create either of those 2 results, based on which one you chose.

I tend to be a bit of an overachiever personality which results in underachieving goals, since I implement about 5 new strategies and plan a week or sometimes a day.  I need practice on  making a single daily action the focus every morning.  I had started this plan with 3 daily actions earlier in the year and was going great guns for a while.  Then when my tendon in my foot tore and my daily exercise was interrupted, somehow I stopped being consistent with the other 2 and here I am with 2.5 months left in the year and goals not yet met.  So I am committing to a single daily action beginning today.  I am choosing not to think about what I’m not doing and to focus exclusively on what I am doing and reminding myself of the goal consistently through out the day.

My single daily action for the next 2.5 months is to eat only healthy foods, period.  Not other requirements or qualifications.  That’s it.  My single daily action is to eat only healthy foods today.

That being said, I am not planning on sitting around all day and thinking about what I’m going to eat.  I have also created my Top 5 priorities for the day, something I encourage everyone on  my Team Reverse the Trend to do.  Massive to-do lists can  be very intimidating or discouraging.  So I am choosing from the very long list, 5 things I will complete today in a certain order.  I will do those before anything else.  If I complete them all, I’ll choose 5 more.  Narrowing my focus to get more done and giving myself permission not to stress over the very long (and ever growing) to do list.

Today my Top 5 Priorities are:

~ Remind my Meet Up Group about our Eat to Live, Dr Fuhrman meeting this Wednesday evening.

~ Remind my Shrink Yourself Group Members of our Weekly Group Call today.

~ Get current on my Team Boot Camp Posts.

~  Move all my past due appointments in Infusionsoft to this week.

~  Hang up and photograph the business suits I have out to donate to the Women’s Resource Center.

I have written these 5 items on a sticky note and have posted on the bottom middle of my computer monitor so I will see it all day.

Now I’m off to make my healthy breakfast and not rush.  Making time to take care of myself continues to be a challenge.  There is always something else to do which seems more important at the moment.   WRONG.  This weekend at the RV show going in and out of motor-homes I was faced with a lot of mirrors and I was not happy with what I was seeing.  In fact by the end of the day I was pretty depressed and reminding myself nothing is more important than our health.  I want to live long enough and be healthy enough to enjoy my life on the road.  And starting today with eating healthy.  For breakfast I’m making a Tropical Vegan Shakeology and adding almond milk and organic bananas and blueberries.

What is your single daily action for today?

Teaching Healthy Living,






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