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The Morning After..










One of the tools I have found helpful in making decisions is asking myself how I feel the next morning.  Stopping a moment while in the midst of making a decision to think about how I will feel if I go forward and how I’ll feel if I don’t.  The only time this doesn’t work for me is when I block out doing it because I don’t want to know the answer.  Ah, the power of our minds.

Yesterday my Single Daily Action was to eat healthy all day, period.  No minimums or maximums, no specific foods or time times to eat.  I really felt very free all day and with each decision I asked myself if what I was going to eat was healthy.   And the answer was yes.  I did not eat anything unhealthy and woke up feeling very good about myself.  I did not lose or gain any weight.  The best part was my conscience was not weighted down by decisions I made or didn’t.

I also started off the day with a top priority list of 5 things to do before anything else.  If I thought of something else I needed to do, I wrote it down on a notebook page, not my to do list.   Not only did I get through the first 5; I added another 5 and got all of them done also.   There were a lot of items I did not do which normally I would have felt guilty about and beat myself up.  I didn’t.  I finished my day eating healthy and doing the top 10 items on my priority list.

And I am going to repeat my single daily action and my Top 5 priority list again today.  I will make eating healthy my single daily action today (even though it goes on all day) and make all food choices with that in mind.  Kevin left on my desk this morning the fresh pineapple he bought to remind me to eat it.  I will take the time to eat that pineapple today.

My Top 5 Priority List (Number 1):

1.  Boot Camp Posts

2.  Check my status

3. Reminder for Sneak Peek Open House this week.

4.  Contact 1 PS Coach about November Coach Basics Program

5.  Move all appointments scheduled for the 18th to the 21st.

Do you have a Single Daily Action for today?  Have you clearly identified what is important to get done today, rather than what is just urgent?  Do you have a plan to accomplish your goals?  Seems time is moving so fast and reminds me of how important focus is achieving my dreams.

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